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Eddie Turnbull’s page

After what is best described as a frustrating
afternoon against Partick Thistle here on Saturday,
l am confident that spectators will see a much more
open game tonight.
Over the years, we have grown accustomed to
foreign teams playing defensively away lmm home
but I don`t think Oesters will fall into that category.
Like ourselves. the Swedes believe in attacking
football and that must he good for the game.
Chairman Tom Hart and I watched Oesters lose
4-3 to Djurgaardens in Stockholm a few weeks ago
and the scoreline alone is enough to convince anyone
that it was an exciting game with no thought given to
negative tactics.
l haven`t seen many more attack-minded sides for
a long time and Oesters will prove first-class entertainment when they are going forward.
Hibs fans haven’t had many goals to cheer in the
League and, for their sake as well as our own, it
would he refreshing to establish a worthwhile lead
for our trip to Vaxjo in a fortnight.
lt is almost the end of the season in Sweden and
Oesters have one game left after drawing 2-2 at
home with Elfsborg on Sunday. They seem sure to
finish third in the table which indicates the task in
store for us tonight.

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