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Jun 13 Barcelona Belgium v Argentina 1-0


I awoke in the night, with a fever
and the sky was the darkest blue (blue sky)
and a still, small voice was calling
to me
(your country is needing you)
aye – and just like that!
and away, away in the distance
I can just make out this ball, coming in from the left
and I’m starting to run, to run like hell
and the voice is getting louder, and louder, and louder
crying “hey big yin – gaun yersel”

I have a dream (we have a dream)
If dreams come true (if dreams come true)
Then bonnie Scotland (then bonnie Scotland)
I’ll play for you (we’ll play for you)
now I hope, and I pray (we hope and pray)
That if, if I do (that if we do)
then Bonnie Scotland – we’ll score the winning goal for you

Now the next thing I know, someones gone and tripped me
and I’ve fallen just inside the box (its a penalty!)
The ref – he looks to his linesman
and he’s pointing straight at the spot (that’s brilliant)
now, John Robertson, who normally takes them
Is handing the ball to me (you don’t say)
Then i hear my old lady screaming blue murder
she saying “its no the ba’ yer kicking ya eejit – its me!”

- -