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  • GK Scotland Tommy McCulloch
  • RB Republic of Ireland Albert Murphy
  • LB Scotland Harry Haddock
  • RH Scotland Joe Walters
  • CH Scotland Willie Finlay
  • LH Scotland Mike Clinton
  • RW Scotland George Herd
  • IR Scotland Dan Currie
  • CF Scotland John Coyle
  • IL Scotland Archie Robertson
  • LW Scotland Tommy Ring


  • ScotlandJohnny Haddow
  • Scotland Hugh Shaw


TOMMY McCULLOCH-Goalkeeper. 5 ft. ll in..
12 st. He has played his part in Clyde’s appearance
in the final. Since going to Shawiield from Bridgeton
Waverley this season, he has distinguished himself
by the assurance of his handlingland anticipation.
Had moments of stress towards t e end of the semi-
final tie with Motherwell, at Parkhead, but did not
give way.
ALBERT MURPHY-Right-back. 5 ft. 10 in.,
12 st. Was chosen by the Eire League against the
Scottish League in Dublin in 1949, and it was due
to his impressive showing in that match he was
signed from the Dublin Transport team. Returned
to Eire for a spell, but came back confident he
would make good, and on being drafted into the
first team retained his position. He, too, excelled
against Motherwell in the penultimate stage, as he
has done all season.
HARRY HADDOCK-Left back. 5 ft. 7 in.,
I0 st. 9 lb. Was secured from Renfrew Juniors in
1949 and has long since underlined the wisdom of
the move by his speed and composure. Sure in the
tackle and kicks with accuracy. Honoure-
England 1955, 58; Hungary 1954, 55; Portugal
and Yugoslavia 1955; English League 1955; Irish
League 1956, 57; League of Ireland 1955, 56, 57;
Danish League 1956.
JOE WALTERS-Right-half. 5 ft. 9 in., 10 st. 10
lb. Was signed from Perthshire Juniors in 1955.
Is a Pomilpark boy and works in the Post Oliice.
This young man, as we have seen by his displays
in the League as well as in helping to guide Clyde
into the Hnal, is highly gifted. Never gives up no
matterhow arduousishis task? ‘ `
WILLIAM FINLAY-Centre-half. 5 ft. 11 in..
ll st. 9 lb. Has shown how wise it was in securing
his transfer from East Fife in 1956. Is the key man
in defence and has made himself a prime favourite
at Oatlands. It will indeed be a happy day for him,
as it will be to his colleagues, if the trophy goes to
Sbawfield, and none will have played a more
important part in seeing a fond dream come true.
MIKE CLINTON-Left-half. 5 ft. 10 in., ll st. 3
lb. Went to Shawiield from Ashfield in 1954 as a
centre-half. Is always ready and able to take up
any position in the half-back line. As he demon-
strated against Motherwell and, indeed, has
demonstrated all season, he senses the right balls
to send through to Tommy Ring an Archie
Robertson, but is by no means slavish to the needs
of the one wing. He can exploit the cross-field
pass with judgment and intelligence.
GEORGE HERD-Outside-right. 5 ft. 8 in., 10 et.
9 lb. Tumed professional from Queen’s Park during
the close season. His sprightly raiding and clever-
ness in the dribble, allied to his grit are factors that
worthily earned him a place in the Scottish team
against England at Hampden. He was behind
two of the three egoals against Motherwell, whose
defence he troubl continuously, in the semi-final.
DAN CUBRIE-Inside-right. 5 ft. 7 in., I0 st. 9
lb. Fmm Dimtooher Hibs in 1954, this go»ahead
inside-forward has established his first-team position
alongside Herd whom he partnered in the Under-
23’s game against Holland at Tynecastle. His
ceaselesa foraging, skill and stamina can bring
disquiet to the most pblegmatic defence, as we
have seen so often this term.
JOSEPH COYLE-Centre-forward. 5 ft. 8 in..
10 st. 10 lb. The transfer of this go-getting leader
from Dundee United was a sound stroke of work by
scorinhiurge showed itself again by the manner of
his t semi-final goals. The first he took with a
graceful side-foot kick away from Hastie Weir
into the net, the second by a low, raging shot the
‘keeper could not reach, and the third with a swift
curling right-foot volley that “ broke ” round the
goalkeeper and hurtled to the back of the net.
ARCHIE ROBERTSON-Inside-left. 5 ft. ll in.,
ll st. There is no doubt this master tactician has
wielded an influence on Clyde’s success the extent
of which none can measure, yet there are those at
Shawfield and elsewhere who rate him the key
man in attack. Certainly his sagacity, artistry and
artidee are virtues that delight the connoisseur.
Has played against Portugal, Austria, Hungary
and Switzerland and has several League honours.
TOMMY RING-Outside-left. 5 ft. 7 in., 10 st.
Became a Clyde player from Ashfield in 1948.
When in his brightest mood, there is none to sur-
pass his trickery and brilliant finishing. Can take
the ball through on his own, either on the wing or
by cutting inside and linishing the job with a well
shot. Hcnours-England 1955, 57; Wales
1955; Ireland 1955, 58; English League 1953, 57;
Sweden 1953; Irish League 1954, 57; League of
Ireland 1954, 55, 57, 58; Hungary 1954; Spain
1957 (twice): Switzerland 1957, 58; Germany 1957.

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