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Manager Hugh Shaw says
More Spirit Required
The result of Saturday’s game was nothing less than shattering especially under the circumstances when the acquisition of immediate
League points was so strikingly imperative
Over the years no matter the result any Hibs team has always
had the quality of fighting courage particularly when the odds were
all against them But this attribute was definitely not evident in
Saturday’s game
Until our full muster of strength becomes available and a settled team established,
any selected Hibs eleven must realise that 100 per cent fighting spirit will be regarded
as the first qualification for inclusion to the team elected to battle for the restoration of
club prestige and the fight back to a position in League football more in keeping with
the traditions of the club
Last season we had two splendid games with Middlesbrough, both home and away
and it is a pleasure to welcome them beck again. They are a good footballing side with
a number of outstanding players and we anticipate another excellent tussle.
, Hugh Shaw

Joe Baker or Brian Clough The argument
raged the length and breadth of Britain last
season as those two brilliant centre forwards
matched goal for goal in an enthralling struggle
to win over the leadership of England.

Clough was Brat to satisfy the selectors and
was picked against Sweden and Wales. And
then came Joe’s turn and the Liverpool boy
held his place to the end of the season and
during the continental tour.

At the present moment Bobby Smith of
Tottenham has beaten them both for a place
in the England line-up, but Joe is included in
the World Cup group of 22 players.

Clough and Baker were the scoring terrors
of their respective leagues last season and their
rivalry reached A peak when Hibs and Middlesbrough fixed a friendly for Easter Road on 2nd

Baker won that duel alright with three
smashing goals in a thrill-packed 6-6 draw.
Johnstone 2 (1 pen.) and Ormond had Hibs
other goals, while Fernie 2, Peacock 2, Clough
and Harris scored for the “Boro.”

Baker’s goals made his total 13 in five games.
but not even joe could win the game for
Middlesbrough scored three times in on four minute spell.

Middlesbrough wanted to In their Ayresome
Park fans see Baker an a return game was fixed
for 12th November.
This time Clough won handsomely although
Joe was ultra careful to avoid injury in view of
an international commitment the follow
week-actually his first full cap against Ireland
at Wembley.

Nevertheless Joe popped in one goal to help
Hibs win 4 3 and give Middlesbrough their
first home defeat . Oromnd Preston
and McLeod were the other marksmen. Clough
had two–one from an overhead kick-and
Fernie one for Middlesbrough.
John Grant was injured after an hour and
Jock Buchanan deputies! at right back, Hibs
made midline changes with Young at right half
and Falconerat center half
Repeats of those sprees and we’ll all
be happy tonight.
This will be the fourth meeting in recent
seasons for previously Hibs went to Ayresome
Park and won 4-0.

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